25 thoughts on “2012 F1 Australian GP – Mercedes Benz C63 Black vs Triple Eight Racing V8 Supercar vs McLaren MP4-26”

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  3. I went to the race on sunday, and because they do this before the race, that was the first F1 I ever heard. The sound is un-fucking-believeable.

  4. The C63 AMG Black Series amazes me! It’s not overpowered by any means (517 bhp / 620 Nm) in contrast to the Brabus version of the C-class coupe (800 bhp / 1100 Nm), but I believe it could be one of the best handling road cars out there?! In all fottage I have seen with this car, it seem like there almost no body roll! Also no loose rear end, no screaming tires blowing it all up in smoke… just pure grip and stability!

  5. the saturday race of this was amazing, the f1 car won by getting in the slipstream!

  6. Hmm 1:39 is a pretty slow time actually…I would’ve expected a 1:37 taking into account the fact that the track wasn’t rubbered and the tires were probably quite cold.

  7. McLaren’s loyal test driver Gary Paffett was driving the F1 car, as is explained in the video’s description. Don’t correct people if your answer is just as wrong as theirs.

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