24 thoughts on “Amazing F1 stuff – Lotus E20 Launch”

  1. In the constructors, yes..If roman didnt have all the incidents and the car failure in Valencia he would be ahead of Kimi and Roman is out qualifying kimi almost every race, I like Kimi im a big fan of him but Roman is driving better than him atm imo..

  2. Kimi is in the 5th place and Roman is in the 7th. I dont know what you’re talking about?

  3. ive been in almost every room at enstone 🙂 and my dad works around the back wall to the right at 06:50

  4. After Catalunya ’12 Kim is my new favorite driver !! I Love his “duh I dunno but the car is good” attitude lol !! Im still hoping Webber can get a few wins or atleast his fair share of podiums !

  5. The poor platypus gets honored for a change. Hope the team does good, great drivers and a tight organization.

  6. I think this is the only year Ferrari looked ugly….that massive whole in the front wing does not look good

  7. Plus great food, great hotels, lots of money, parties. What else would anyone want? “Ohh but there’s a lot of pressure on us cause people look for good results” Yea so if it’s hard let me be a driver and you watch on TV LOL

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