Austrian Grand Prix Well Controlled By Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Motorsport led Valtteri Bottas in the Austrian Grand Prix which took place on Sunday. As soon as the virtual car safety time started in 14th lap due to Bottas retirement for hydraulics issue, Bottas did not come into the pits. But, many frontrunners did. Max Verstappen Formula 1 racer from Red Bull Racing was in 3rd position when Bottas was asked to retire. Hamilton came into the pits with 26 laps when Verstappen was in a leading position. Hamilton was in 4th place, Daniel Ricciardo from Red Bull Racing and Kimi Raikkonen from Scuderia Ferrari was in 2nd and 3rd position respectively.

Raikkonen took over Ricciardo in lap 38 which made Ricciardo go into the pits again on lap 39. Thereafter, he joined the field again in 5th place. However, there was a gearbox failure on lap 54 which made him retire. Verstappen continued to lead the race with best comfort thereafter with just 18 laps and an alarm went off in the garage of Red Bull Racing. In an attempt to stop similar condition, Red Bull Racing took a decision to turn down the engine in Verstappen’s vehicle.
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Raikkonen struggles psychological, says Massa

Felipe Massa believes the struggles of Kimi Raikkonen behind the wheels of the Ferrari this season has more to do with the psychological impact of having Fernando Alonso as his teammate than any issues with his car.

Raikkonen returned to Ferrari set-up ahead of the 2014 season replacing Massa to partner Alonso in what was being seen as the best driver lineup in the paddock but the former world champion has struggled throughout the season to get any kind of consistency going.

Raikkonen won the Formula One Drivers’ Championship with Ferrari in 2007 before leaving in 2009 and it was expected he and Alonso will help Ferrari reclaim the mantle of being the top team in the sport after years of struggle but it hasn’t panned out the way it was expected and Raikkonen has failed to beat the Spaniard even in qualifying.

Moreover, Raikkonen trails his teammate by a massive 94 points in the standings for the Formula One Drivers’ Championship and considering the fact that they both drive the same car, it is just an unacceptable result for the team and the fans.

But Massa, who drove alongside Alonso for five seasons, knows a thing or two about being teammates with the Spaniard, widely considered as the most talented and complete driver on the grid at the moment.

Massa said that it is difficult being Alonso’s teammate and Raikkonen is having the problem in his head as well. The Brazilian said that it is difficult to be a teammate because he is a top driver, with speed, skills and the entire skill set required to succeed in the sport and he is aggressive too and that is the pressure that the Finn has had to deal with and it has clearly shown in his performances this season for Ferrari.

Famous doctors assemble to look into Jules Bianchi’s critical condition

The Japanese Grand Prix proved to be a fatal one for Marussia driver Jules Bianchi as he crashed into one of the recovery vehicles and suffered serious injuries to his head. He was rushed to the Mie General Medical Centre for medications and was immediately recommended surgery based on the scan of the cranium. The latest report that was released mentioned that his condition was critical but stable. The Marussia team is hopeful of his recovery in due course of time. They have acknowledged the huge support from different corners of the world for the unfortunate driver. The sole priority of the team remains the well being of their driver and providing a support system to his family. The Frenchman is regarded as one of the brightest stars coming up in recent times and a lot will depend on his recovery. His family and his friends are beside him throughout the ordeal. His driving academy was Ferrari who has already sent in their support staff to his aid.

According to the latest reports Jules Bianchi suffered a diffuse axonal injury and has been kept in the intensive care unit after his surgery. The best of doctors have been consulted in order to provide him the best possible medical aid. Professor Gerard Saillant and Professor Alessandro Frati have provided their invaluable opinions on the matter. While Professor Saillant is the President of the FIA Medical Commission, Professor Frati is a world famous Neurosurgeon who has travelled to Japan in order to supervise the condition of the injured driver. The family of the injured seemed to be happy with the progress in his recovery but it will surely be a long term process. The fans however are keen on seeing him back in action and one can only hope that their wish comes true.

Sauber looks in bad shape after ownership problems and poor performances

The Swiss Formula One team Sauber has been going through one of the most challenging phases in their history as they failed to pick up a single point for fourteen races in a row and both of their cars failed to make it to the finish line for the fourth time in this season. They are currently placed at number ten in the constructor’s championship. Their star drivers including Adrian Sutil and Esteban Gutierrez have struggled to work with the car that they have been provided by their team.

The cut down on finances has not helped the team either. The principal of the Sauber team Monisha Kaltenborn seemed to be confident about the bouncing bak of her team. She was not shy in accepting that there were several mistakes made by them in the beginning of the season but they are quite confident of learning from them and come out better and stronger. The team already has seven drivers to choose from but the final line up for the later part of the season has not yet been declared and the boss remained silent about it as well. Read More

Hall Of Fame For Drag Racing Legends

Butch Leal and Shirley Bridges both residents of Tulare got inducted to Hall of Fame by the magazine of Mopar Guide of Collection. In a ceremony at Pennsylvania on 12th July the two drivers got recognition. The votes were casted by the veterans.

Races which only lasted for few seconds were run by them. Bridges became prominent from 1960s. She became famous after driving various Chevrolets but it was when she wheeled the limited edition of Belvedere Hemi of the Plymouth. In 13 seconds flat she set the speed record for the neighbourhood boys. She also won a national event by the association of Hot Road. When she was not in the competition she was touring, involved with races, sprints and other contests which were sponsored.

Leal had been coined with the name of California flash because of the fast starts he used to give. He also had mastery over the clutch. In the area of Los Angeles he made his reputation by driving Chevrolets. But he had to turn to Fords as the sponsorship of General Motors in 1963 was dropped. In 1964 he was able to clinch a national championship. Leal however had to upgrade to a better HEMI. He even won the second title of the national championship in straight row. In 1991 he retired but his enthusiasm for the sport still burns in him.

Both stalwarts were very excited to receive the honour on 12th July. It was all the more special since both of them were from Tulare. They also got time to renew the bonding, meet old friends so it was also a sort of reunion though Bridges had been earlier inducted into

Team by Hass To Be Acknowledged

An U.S backed squad started by Gene Haas is among the two new teams in the sport that is liable to be acknowledged in the upcoming season as is said by formula one commercial chief Bernie Ecclestone.

Before the Bahrain grand prix talking on Sunday Ecclestone uttered that with the sports governing body, FIA, he has held consultation where there was a contract about extending the prix next season.

When inquired about the entry of Hass into the team, he said that they would like to accept another team like this. He has spoken to Jean Todt, the president of FIA and they have decided to accept them. The contract between Ecclestone and FIA would probably be overtaking the cut-off date time which is by the end of February for a decision of new 2015 entries. The new entries might replace the current F1 teams who are struggling financially in this classy sport.

Haas is the creator of the Stewart-Haas racing NASCAR team standed in north California and also runs one of the most world’s sophisticated wind tunnels for the checking of car aerodynamics which will significantly help any recent F1 access.

A likely obstacle that comes in the participation of Haas’s in F1 is the trial of fit and decent person which FIA examines of to those who are up at high stage of administration and possession. Haas has a certainty for tax avoidance and allied charges.

Haas told that he has not been informed by the FIA before the starting of the Sprint cup series at Texas motor speedway on Sunday, but he is sure what Bernie says goes on as he is a brand of half formula one.

Haas who began the course last august told that he wants to know in the next month whether to set a field in 2015 out of North Carolina.

Raikkonen confident

Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen is full of confidence admitting that he believes he has made a lot of progress with the problems he had with the set up that had troubled him a lot during the Australian Grand Prix after he finished the second free practice session of the Malaysian Grand Prix in second place.

According to the Finnish driver, the front graining was giving him a lot of trouble but on the basis of the session he had at Kuala Lumpur on Friday, he mentioned that he is getting to grips with the issues.

He mentioned that it was a better day for him and he had a positive feeling compared to the one he had at Melbourne a couple of weeks back. The former world champion stated that he was comfortable with the F14 T on the day but he admitted that even though they did not have any problems at all, they know they still have a long way to go and there remains a lot to do.

Raikkonen further commented that the handling was pretty good, even though, just as it was found on the race simulator that they will have to pay very close attention to degradation and that is especially a must in a place like Kuala Lumpur.

He added that the evening will be spent analyzing the data that they have gathered from the session and try and work out how to improve on things.

Team mate Fernando Alonso also was pleased with the performance of the car saying that it was a learning curve for the team and that is the case for every team at the beginning of the season when the drivers try and get used to the feel of the car and the new changes that are made in it.

Moratti and Irvine Convicted

Gabriele Moratti was found guilty by the judge of “mutual injury” during the infamous incident in the VIP section of Hollywood nightclub. The son of the former Milan mayor said that he was accused of being more aggressive and according to the reports it seems that he used a glass in the argument and quarrel that followed.

Along with him the Northern Irishman was also convicted because he was also involved in the brawl. Due to this both the accused has been sentenced to prison for a period of six months. However both of them can appeal their respective sentences and if the confirmation is done then the sentence can be suspended as well. It is a big question as to whether Moratti the retired Formula One driver will have to spend his six months in prison or not. The lawyers on the other hand are not agreeing to the fact about the reason of the fight. They are of the opinion that the fight took place because the Irishman had been seen to get in touch with the ex girlfriend of Moratti and that may have been the reason for the whole fight.

Vincenzo Saponara the lawyer of Moratti said that the media is making a big deal out of this and it can be sorted out very easily. He also added that it is very easy for newspapers to make things up and say that the fight took place because of the jealousy over a girl. Irvine who has already retired from F1 in the year 2003 has been part of Ferrari, Jaguar and Jordan while Moratti who is 35 years old is the director of Saras an energy company. He is known to possess a house that was inspired from the house of Batman which the reporters call “Bathouse”.