23 thoughts on “Codemasters F1 2012 Circuit of the Americas HD EXCLUSIVE”

  1. 2011 was better in my view. in the 2010 game you couldn’t ride´╗┐ the kerbs as soon as your wheel touched the kerbs you spun.
    i think the penalties in the 2011 game are shocking people crash into me and i get a penalty this happens a lot

  2. compared to what Sony did when they had the license,Codemasters have done great.´╗┐

  3. sorry but the sound is still incorrect at full rpm & downshifts dont´╗┐ sound right, to clonky, donky, the sound should be same as when watching onboard lap on TV or rewatching it on the F1 website

  4. I want to be able to´╗┐ sink the car in the gravel. That would be realistic.

  5. It seems a´╗┐ lot better than F1 2011. F1 2011 was a shity game because it has a lot of problems with graphics. CANT WAIT FOR F1 2012 though I’m probably gonna trade my F1 2011 even F1 2010 was a good game better than F1 2011 :)!!!!!

  6. for this track they should put the flags of each country in the americas hanging from where the people are siting´╗┐

  7. Die k├Ânnten mal Kommentatoren reinpacken !!! Und was noch geil w├Ąre w├Ąr , wenn da mal wie im TV unten sone anzeige ist woman sehen kann wer auf welchen platz ist und nicht nur die ersten 3 angezeigt werden.

    For the english people:
    They can make a big step , when they have commentators , that┬┤s a new experience for this Game´╗┐ and when they show who is on which rank , like in the tv on the bottom a little line .

    But unforcenaly is this LAP PENALISED . I will see it in the qualifikation -.-

  8. it takes to long for the gravel to wear off the tire it´╗┐ happens way quicker in real life in all motorsports apart from that looking good! But I want a better penalty system though.

  9. i think he means that the tracks feel the same, they all have the same theme; long front straight many esses, tight hairpin, and long back straight. i personally only like a few of those´╗┐ type of tracks, turkey is one of them

  10. id like to see the damage modelling increased. Like, an option for real F1´╗┐ damage, e.g. if you clip the side of a car or sweep across the tail end, part of you wing comes off, spin outs, no slow mo camera when you crash either, more than just a wheel coming off! Seeing parts of the car smash! etc

  11. Would be good if you make a bad manoeuvre that hampers a few drivers e.g. vettel, alonso – then to see their hand wave up at you! Also would be good to get the odd cockpit radio message from your team manager – telling you which´╗┐ sectors your poor at and to find time there and improve…

  12. Other shadows go right, when wheel shadows go left (in case you never noticed).
    Other shadows go left while´╗┐ wheel shadows go right.

  13. I love the sound improvements over F1 (2008) and´╗┐ I use F1 2010 also on the PS3. the 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound should be great with F1 2012 (I luckily got two PS3 TV rooms.
    My only small tiny gripe is that the wheels have shadows going to the left and there are some parts of the game where the shadows go left on other items you pass along the track. Shadows cannot go left and right when the Earth only has one sun. Can it? Otherwise near perfect. Will buy sooner or later (PS4 comes out later).

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