24 thoughts on “Codemasters F1 2012 Interview and First Look from E3 2012”

  1. Can’t believe how much lag these guys at simracing find acceptable in their wheels!

  2. sorry, then most Americans, coz that’s what you are talking about, because its not Brits/ Europeans, dont care about lives, what a kind country. Why don’t you just go and watch Valencia highlights????

  3. thats gonna be a amazing game its look to much f1 2011 and the brakes? omg amazing!!!!!!!!!

  4. you know what they sould put old cars(old from 2000 to 2005 until V10 engines)to unlock or already availables.If someone can contact the codemasters tell this to them!!!! i want to see a V10 car with this graphics!!!!

  5. The game play will be amazing but I’d like to see something different within the career mode like a “create your own team mode”. Where you can start from scratch and through the years build up your team by gaining sponsorship, improving the car, attracting drivers and ultimately being the best team in F1. Also, if you join a team like McLaren it’d be nice to pick your team mate, kind of annoying when you get hit with Lewis all the time. AND getting the number 1 car when u win the championship

  6. I understand that they can’t afford having a team working on PC extreme version but at least let us customize it. A lot of guys out there could mod the game to make it more realistic.

  7. I honestly thought 2011 was quite a good game. I’m still playing it, it’s so much better with an actual wheel, rather than a pad. And I’m certainly looking forward to the 2012 game.

  8. I m realy intresting what will be best feature in 2012.. 2010 invisible puddles, some troubles with tyre bugs, 2011 mario kart style drying line, again some problems with tyres.. so much potencial throved away.. maybe less talk and more work

  9. thx for info, but I know it, this is something diferent, even if 0, there is stil small amount of slow reaction of virtual wheel, anyway, could be graphic only.. I bought 10,11 but after this I m gona try 12 befor buy..

  10. Will the McLaren have the nose from Australia or the nose they are using now?

  11. As they said, making a PC only one would be like making a whole new game. Making add ons would be the same. That’s why they don’t do DLC, or a lot of patches. They have to get working on the next game straight away once the previous has been released.

  12. You should be allowed to walk around the paddock sighing autograph’s chatting to other drivers and do more interveiws !!

  13. No it is not racist, it because you race as the drivers in the car you don’t create your own person and it just happens the majority of f1 drivers are white but what about Lewis Hamilton and Narain Karthikeyan.

  14. that will be an option like f1 2011 and its called dead zone sensitivity ,if you adjust to 0% then u have the exact reaction of the wheel

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