Bernie Ecclestone, a supremo of Formula 1, has made a shocking statement as regarding his future in the sport.

He admitted that his future in the sport is not guaranteed especially now that the date Liberty Media chose to takeover formula 1 edges nearer. He further explained that the next few years of his career would depend on Liberty media.

Earlier this week, the stake holders and governing body for the motorsport, FIA, have given Liberty Media their approval. They are certain that the final deal would close before the month runs out.

At the advent of their involvement in the Motorsport, Ecclestone informed the public that he had been offered the chance to stay aboard for three years. However, his statement has changed to uncertainty as he believed his future is in the hand of Liberty Media.

Talking to the Press, Ecclestone said, “We will have to see how we set the company up.”

“It is not a case of my terms, it is a case of let’s have a look and see which way they would like to go. It is something that would have happened anyway”.

He said he had the intention of putting things together in case something happens to him. In fact, they were in the middle of signing the deal when he suddenly backed out. They had to back out when they got information that Liberty Media would buy the company. Then they awaited the action of Liberty since they now own the company. He believed it was up to them to pick whosoever they want.

As regarding his three-year comments, Ecclestone had hinted that he has plans to gather people that would help him find everything he needed to be on top of his game such as sponsorship and others.

“As I said, let’s see how we are going to operate,” he added.