11 thoughts on “European Grand prix 2012 : Fernando Alonso wins brilliantly in Valencia”

  1. He started 11th place and ended up win the race. That is brillant. Things happen it’s part of the race.

  2. Good drive but it was Vettels only for the breakdown ,some really fucken stupid comments here , still Alonso drove a great race .

  3. @angrytrucker78 Mechanical failure is part of the sport you moron. It could also have been Alonso or anyone else leading and then ending up with a retirement…. stop moaning 🙂 grow up and accept defeat with grace LOL

  4. Alonso the besssssst!!! Are you watching Vettel and Hamilton ? He is a class above the rest….Vettel can only win from pole with the best car….fact!!!!

  5. alonso pwned,but lotus is getting better and better.i expect kimi’s win in couple of next races,probably in spa.

  6. Sí, una polla, cuándo tu Vettel empiece una carrera en 12 posición y la gane, realizando esos adelantamientos al principio de carrera, con un coche inferior y adelantando a Grosejan con un coche lentisimo, me avisas,campeón

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