24 thoughts on “F1 2012 Co-op with VintageBeef – E03 – Pole Position”

  1. you guys really suck hate to be a hater since i like to watch you guys but it is a very easy game and the braking into corners if you break at yellow line and roll into the corner from there and accelerate out of the corner you should go way faster

  2. DRS is able to be used at any time in qualification. Just control it well.
    DRS can only be used after the 3rd lap in every race, and only if it’s sunny. You must also be atleast 1 second or less behind the driver ahead. There’s also specified areas.
    KERS can be used at all times, just control it like DRS. It’s best that on the 1st lap, you use it to kick off the grid faster.

  3. I was on the edge for almost the entire race! I was afraid you’d choke! Haha! Great job on this one!

  4. Your engineer was probably warning you about your aggressive overtaking because you did sort of crash into the guy you were overtaking before you went past him 😛

  5. Well technically the Japanese flag indeed represents a rising sun. It’s not as obvious as the naval flag with the stripes.

  6. Please like this so people stop asking this question in the comments over and over. For those who do not have F1 2012, there are these lap options: 3, 5, 25% of the real race (e.g. a 40 lap race in real life would be 10 laps) 50% and 100%. The longer the track, the fewer the laps and vice versa. Spa in Belgium is the closest to 10 with it being an 11 lap race on 25%, but they are very long laps. Their Australia race was a 25% race to put it into perspective.

  7. Actually you only get a penalty if you hit somebody really hard, there is no overtaking incorrectly.

  8. awesome driving kurt well done 🙂 lets see if you can keep it up 🙂 🙂

  9. because F1 cars are that aerodynamic but still ain’t easy to drive because of the speed and g force

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