25 thoughts on “F1 2012 European Grand Prix Official Race Edit”

  1. maldonado has the talent, it’s just a shame he’s an unlikeable idiot who doesn’t use what he has for a brain most of the time. he needs to learn´╗┐ to respect his fellow drivers more and then we may see him as a world champion one day

  2. A driver must know´╗┐ when and how push, or he will destroy the tyres or engine, that’s what hapened.

  3. hahahaha
    what happened in valencia wasn’t vettel’s fault
    it was the altinitor failure because of the heat of the fucking spanish city valencia
    and look every driver must push the car to limit

  4. 2:24 that’s unique,´╗┐ every single member of a drivers fan base at one race ­čÖé

  5. Races are races, you cant say that one doen’t deserve a position because the driver in front left, if that driver is in the limit of his car, and the engine blows up, thats his fault, and´╗┐ the driver’s behind deserve the position becuase they are pushing the rest to the limit.

  6. you didn’t understand me,did you?
    i said alonso deserved to be 2nd because he earned it by´╗┐ overtaking
    but he won because vettel retirement
    so at the end it should have bee like this

  7. Maldonado is a dangerous cunt.He did identically similar taking out Perez and nearly collided with Raikkonen´╗┐ at the same chicane!

  8. I think because Vettel ­čśÇ
    I am german and I am a ALONSO fan´╗┐
    my english is not so god ­čśë

  9. I dont know why FIA put Alonso’s´╗┐ laugh when Vettel’s car stops. Alonso only laughed when he had won the race…


  11. even the alternator failure´╗┐ on Vettel’s car was Hamilton’s fault. ­čśë

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