24 thoughts on “F1 2012 – Games vs Reality”

  1. i agree, faster A.I is needed. on legend got pole in a sauber by 0.9s and after 3 laps i had won by 10.2s to webber… come on codies

  2. I hope they don’t use the upgraded front wing cause I don’t like it D:

  3. Hopefully they will focus on the A.I this year. I found them too easy even on Legend difficulty which is quite disappointing.

  4. guys check my channel for f1 commentary gameplay need more f1 fans on my channel

  5. Codemasters are an absolute boss! They brought us GRID. Which in my opinion is better then any NFS game. I REQUIRE GRID 2, NOW! =D

  6. What are drivers watching when that monitor is lowered down on their car when they are still sitting in the cockpit ?? I assume its other drivers on the track ?? Im just confused because of the F1 2011 game and why they designed the monitor for using it for setups ! Obviously the driver talks with his mechanics for setting up the car.

  7. Codemasters: I’ll have you know I wasted $35 on a peice of crap F1-2011, that does not and can not save any of my progress, GFWL or local,

  8. Can’t wait for this game! Don’t want to be annoying but if anyone here enjoys motorsport games (which I assume you do) I post gameplay on my channel. Please check it out and tell me what you think.

  9. The game is perfect, a better simulation of the drive can not do this, perfection

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