24 thoughts on “F1 2012 – Mercedes AMG – Nico Rosberg & the F1 driving seat”

  1. would be pretty cool…but considering it cost a billion dollars to run a f1 team just for 1 season…i highly doubt it would ever happen

  2. if foam is considered heavy in F1 why is Jenson Button allowed to race with a beard?

  3. Nico , if you see this, I hope everything went well with the car and I didnt damaged anything while towing it back to the pits during friday’s practice in Turn 7. in Montreal.

  4. All drivers have the legs that high in the cockpit because all the F1 cars have pretty much the same nose shape. The nose is high at the beginning in order to make the air flow down the car.

  5. The drivers sweat pours onto the fans faces? How much water do you think the human can body possibly contain?!

  6. F1 cockpit is like a sauna except with up to 6G, if the area is humid, the driver’s body will be even more sweaty and that will pour to the fans faces watching at the grandstands.

  7. lol how to see the road and stuff and look for the corners at 270 km h ? isn’t it hard ?

  8. that looks uncomfortable as fuck…. if youre moving that fast and trying to steer

  9. It’s really great to see Nico have success in F1. He’s one of the most talented drivers on the grid and now he has a car to show it. Let’s go Nico! 2012 World Champion!

  10. Only in formula 1 would you hear the sentence “foam is very heavy”.

  11. they have a button on their steering wheel that gives you a drink through a straw. im pretty sure there would be a ball scratching finger on the seat, too 🙂

  12. “Foam is very heavy.”
    ahahaha you would only ever hear that in motorsport..

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