25 thoughts on “F1 2015 Fictional Ferrari: Sebastian Vettel Race at Bahrain”

  1. Hope you guys enjoyed this, something a little bit different. Also Happy
    Birthday to Michael Schumacher too.

  2. Does anyone else think that the Williams Cars are to slow on this game, as
    in Real Life they mostly came 3rd whereas in this game they are lucky to
    get a top 5?

  3. Mercedes will win again, ferrari and mcalren will sucks 🙁 and Bottas will
    be amazing 

  4. Ben, why are you always slower on primes (relative to the AI) compared to
    options? In the first stint of the race, on option tyres, you easily caught
    the Red Bulls after starting from the back of the field. In the second
    stint, you couldn’t pull away from them anymore. I’ve been having the same
    difficulties on this game. I can never seem to get the prime tyres to work.

  5. Nice video man! I think this mod is awesome, especially with the black on
    the wing. I recorded a vid with this mod yesterday. I was racing as Kimi
    and got into a nice battle with Alonso. It was what we all expected Alo and
    Kimi to do in the 2014 season, sadly that didnt happen irl. 

  6. But dat number 7 though! My predictions for 2015 season.
    1. Lewis
    2. Bottas
    3. Ricciardo
    4. Alonso
    5. Vettel
    1. Mercedes
    2. McLaren
    3. Williams
    4. Red Bull
    5. Ferrari

  7. how did you get from primes on lap 13 but on lap 14 you were on options

  8. Why do your tyres change from lap 13 / 14. I guess you played more than one

  9. Ins’t Santander moving to McLaren next year?
    I though it was part of the Alonso package

  10. 3:55 must be the fastest pit-stop EVER for Ferrari, from prime tires to
    options in literally a blink of an eye! 😛
    (busted, Ben) ^^

  11. I always feel so emotionnal when I see Jules in game or in videos… That
    makes me really sad… Hopefully he will get well soon… Come on Jules,

  12. Hi ben,do you want play some online race with me in f1 2014? My psn id is

  13. Vettel be aware – there is another Vettel ahead of you! 🙂 Nice try,

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