21 thoughts on “F1 British GP (Silverstone) 2012 Qualifying – Fernando Alonso Onboard Pole Lap”

  1. how many points he lost because of ferrari’s horrible strategies?
    for the same reasons he lost a title already.

  2. If alonso wins this years championship he’ll be lucky as others just make mistakes during the race. this is nearly like 05 when kimi had reliability problems and the championship was basically given to aonso on a plate. same in 06 at suzuka. he would’ve lost the title battle had schumi not had a engine failure. his the only friiver i know of who has been very lucky to win a title lol. but he is a class driver and the best at present

  3. I got some clips on my channel from the race that I recorded myself sitting at club corner. Please take a look.

  4. hope you’re right because his ferrari is a pile of shit yet he gets good results out of it. 

  5. You clearly haven’t got any manners. Which is a shame. You need to relax. All i did was just give my opinion lol

  6. ferrari haven’t got an awesome car but they have a very good race car which is getting better and better so far. i think in raw pace red bull have the advantage.

  7. I wouldn’t say sooo lucky but he has had some luck this year go his way. other drivers and teams making mistakes i mean. fro example in valencia. only won cuz vettl had a engine failure. I know his the best driver at present. I’m just saying alonso being the best at the moment isn’t like being the best when senna and schumi (at his peek). i think vettel and hamilton will run this champoinhip close. but i think in the end alonso will win the title. time will tell.

  8. Riiiight… because Alonso has been sooo lucky this year, what with that awesome car Ferrari built and all.

  9. alonso is the best driver but remember his leading and had good results mostly due to other drivers and team messing up. i don’t think him being the best now is like what senna and schumi (at his peek) were like in there era.

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