23 thoughts on “F1 Ferrari’s extreme top speed sound at Spa, V12,V10 and V8!!! 1080P*HD”

  1. O som do V12 é simplesmente fantástico, pra quem gosta do som de um excelente e potente motor, é sem dúvidas genial e sem comentário !!!

  2. V8 formula 1 is for the weak…
    Im sure they will also introduce rolling resistance reduced tyres anytime soon or some other crap like that >_<

  3. Yes ofcourse, but he meened (i think) witch car that day drove the fastest, and the man with the F2004 was not as fast as the 2005, also the 2004 was in his days a much more succelsfull car 🙂

  4. The V10 cars. The F2004 or F2005 would be the fastest. The V8s don’t even come close

  5. Gut with The last v10, the F2005 was the fastest, guy in the F2008 was VERYYYYY slow as you can see!! 😉

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