Famous doctors assemble to look into Jules Bianchi’s critical condition

The Japanese Grand Prix proved to be a fatal one for Marussia driver Jules Bianchi as he crashed into one of the recovery vehicles and suffered serious injuries to his head. He was rushed to the Mie General Medical Centre for medications and was immediately recommended surgery based on the scan of the cranium. The latest report that was released mentioned that his condition was critical but stable. The Marussia team is hopeful of his recovery in due course of time. They have acknowledged the huge support from different corners of the world for the unfortunate driver. The sole priority of the team remains the well being of their driver and providing a support system to his family. The Frenchman is regarded as one of the brightest stars coming up in recent times and a lot will depend on his recovery. His family and his friends are beside him throughout the ordeal. His driving academy was Ferrari who has already sent in their support staff to his aid.

According to the latest reports Jules Bianchi suffered a diffuse axonal injury and has been kept in the intensive care unit after his surgery. The best of doctors have been consulted in order to provide him the best possible medical aid. Professor Gerard Saillant and Professor Alessandro Frati have provided their invaluable opinions on the matter. While Professor Saillant is the President of the FIA Medical Commission, Professor Frati is a world famous Neurosurgeon who has travelled to Japan in order to supervise the condition of the injured driver. The family of the injured seemed to be happy with the progress in his recovery but it will surely be a long term process. The fans however are keen on seeing him back in action and one can only hope that their wish comes true.