25 thoughts on “Fernando Alonso Career Tribute – The Good & The Bad”

  1. Estoy de acuerdo contigo, la verdad que creo que en la historia solo a avido dos pilotos con un talento , super entrega, i talento como los de estos pilotos… Ayrton , Fernando.. los dos mejores pilotos del mundo…

  2. fernando alonso es el mejor piloto del mundo despues de ayrton senna le pese a quien le pese y el primero de todos los pilotos actuales que ni con un coche superior logran escaparse de el MAGIC ALONSO the best

  3. Let me tell you something about this song, yes its overused, but theres a reason for that.. It make look anything sound and look fkn epic, If there was a video with a fat kid running to the McDonalds 5 minutes before they close, with this song it would be a epic video..

  4. Im hamilton fan, and Fernando and Lewis are the best drivers on the grid.. I agree that Lewis drove like a idiot last year, but look at him this year.. He didnt crash anyone, he getting points every race, and who knows how many points he would have scored without his bad luck with McLaren this year.. Anyway, I hope they both kick Vettel’s ass this season! 😀 And i know it probaly wont happen, but i hope massa gets a victory this year xD

  5. This dramatic/suicidal/apocaliptic/disaster music suits to a tribute to someone who isnt even dead and at the top of his game?
    A tribute is a cheerful, applauding and high spirits mood thing. This stupid music is so used in Youtube, that this feels cheap and annoying.
    Uau… you should receive an Oscar for this thing… using the excuse of “no one has ever used this in a F1 video” is pretty lame. So is the “slow tempo” crap.
    Do me a favour: search for “Antti Kalhola”. You might learn something.

  6. I’m British and a massive Hamilton fan but honestly I think FA is the best driver out there. Which is probably why I’m YouTubing Alonso videos during the Champion’s League final…

  7. So far kimi in a better car has done worse than alonso. But this is not something new. 

  8. alonso such a loser
    and kimi will kick his arse by the end of the seaon
    kimi owns fernando the cheater alonso

  9. Que la prensa inglesa llame victoria sucia que massa se dejara adelantar es increible, cuando le estubieron ellos aflojando desde la presion de las ruedas, los tornillos, dejarle 5 segundos parado en pit, roturas extrañas, para que ganara Hamilton es cuanto menos subrealista, Forza Alonso,,,SIMPLE THE BEST,


  11. the music is too loud can’t hear what theyre saying in the press conference.

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