25 thoughts on “Fernando Alonso drives Ferrari 458 Spider”

  1. in fairness he has driven more exciting cars while working. I mean look at his office. it will do 0-60 in a sub 3 sec time and it will do the best part of 200mph

  2. Uno de los mejores vídeos que en cuanto a automóviles deportivos se refiere, he visto.

  3. A very nice and generous owner let me sit in his today. It is one of the most beautiful things ive ever seen. Especially because Im only 16. Simple acts of kindness can really change a lot about how you see things. I watch this car on tv and think “damn id love to see one of those one day.” But tonight, some random ass man that I’ve never met asked me why I’m so close to his car. My response is simply “I love everything about it.” My mind was blown tonight. You can see by how much I’m rambling.

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  5. if there would be a ferrari f1 like in 2000-2003 with alonso in it, good night vettel, hamilton & co.

  6. jajaja 00:06 “gracia madre gracia”…parece que en vez de un ferrari le da una monedita…

  7. They could have got massa to drive it but it would have been slower and he would have moaned about everything :L “A poor workman always blames his tools”

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