24 thoughts on “Fernando Alonso Overtakes!!!”

  1. Come on, let´s be serious: again, you can hate Alonso as much as you want, and it´ll still be okay, but it´s not a matter of “what insult sounds better, or more polite”. Just keep hatred on Alonso for yourself, please. I´m not pretending to act preacher-like or whatever, but it simply goes against common sense wishing publicly that someone crashes and becomes paralytic for life. Would you love it if someone else told you all that you said about Alonso? I bet you wouldn´t…

  2. OK, I’ll rephrase:
    “I hope he crashes in such a way that he is unable to drive in the sport ever again.”


  3. Jesus, for somebody who doesn’t claim to be an Alonso fan, you definitely spend a lot of time replying to his “haters”. You are just a self-contradictory dumbass, you say you “shouldn’t have bothered replying to my comments”, and then you write 2 long comments replying to me. You delusional asswad.

  4. Wow, you can’t defend your argument, so you start attacking the authenticity of Wikipedia ?? FYI, there are “references” and “links” to each and every point there, so if you’re to lazy to even check them out, then there is no hope for you. I don’t have the time to start citing examples and educating a noob like you. If you feel like I am inventing stories, then you are the blind one. At least I’m glad my anger does not match the level of your ignorance.

  5. And finally (at least for the moment), yes: I try to ignore Alonso as much as his fans (or any other driver´s fans) and (try to) enjoy F1 my way. It´s just that I laugh hard at both pointless and baselles criticism as well as excessive praising, when talking about a driver (whoever). One thing on which I must agree on you, however, is that probably I shouldn´t have bothered to comment. In the end, I guess that all that crazy criticism on Alonso is as impossible to “heal” as overpraising.

  6. Wikipedia is famous for its inacuracy. I wouldn´t be surprised if all the criticism on Alonso there might´ve actually been written by anti-Alonsists, which is not quite a “neutral” and valid description, deffinitely. Alonso such a big cheater? Come on: start citing examples. Your hatred towards Fernando is such that it´s blinding you, and you´re actually inventing stories about him. If his teammates critisized him, I guess it´s anger because they cannot match his results with the same means.

  7. Sportsmanship ?? Just read his Wikipedia article, there is an entire section on the number of times he has cheated.If you really ignore Alonso and don’t care, you wouldn’t have replied to a comment discrediting him in the first place.And if I find him smug and arrogant (which most of his former and present team-mates will agree upon), that’s my opinion.And why do you care so much about his fans ? You can ignore Alonso/not care about him,but you can’t be the same way with his fans ?? Fuck off !!!

  8. Anti-Alonsists: cantankerous, childish, ridiculous. Experts on… fanfarre and discrediting Alonso´s feats. I am NOT an Alonso-fan either (whether you believe it or not, I just don´t care), but that doesn´t mean that I need to behave in such a childish and pathetic manner. I just ignore him. You should do the same if you don´t like him. And be more respectful with Alonso-fans: they have as many rights to like him as you like… whomever may be. Have you heard of sportmanship?

  9. Only brainless bastards would wish someone die just because they don´t like him. You have just demonstrated that freedom of speech has its limits of tolerance. It´s okay if you don´t like Alonso; no problem. But one thing is that another to wish that he suffers and dies. Be rational and grow up, please.

  10. Fernando Alonso …. SMUG, ARROGANT PRICK …… loved by …….. SMUG, ARROGANT PRICKS.

  11. Great overtakes, too bad the Button overtake in Brazil was not included.

  12. It is not when it comes to his courage during a race, that seems pretty similar indeed. And Alonso may also be compared with Shumi in his times in Ferrari, or Montoya in Williams, or Hamilton… But I personally think that it is not so accurate to compare Alonso to Senna when it comes to the Spaniard´s “ability” to get pole positions. Senna managed to get poles in the 80s with cars that seemed to be not better than the 3rd on the grid, like those black Lotus-Renault.

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