25 thoughts on “Fernando Alonso’s Silverstone Pole Lap | Qualifying | BBC F1 2012 – Round 9: British GP”

  1. How can Alonso do such a slow lap and still get pole. Remarkable. Webber looked quicker than that!

  2. El pilotaje de Fernando no lo tiene ninguno, en agua lo dulce que es con el coche en las curvas cerradas como deja correr el coche que vaya solo y no lo fuerza. Eso es del MEJOR PILOTO DEL MUNDO! Forza Fernando y Ferrari!!!

  3. And remember idiot how many cars had alonso over take in valencia. His agressive driving style makes him the best driver on the whole race.If vettel would start the race from the 11. place like alonso in valencia then he obviously couldn’t over take that much like alonso. Alonso is better kid. Fuck your redbull team:)

  4. cause you’re a fucking redbull fan that doesn’t mean that redbull is better kid. Remember Ferrari is far popular than that shit team. Vettel is a newbee compared to alonso cause Vettel won 2 championship because of the setup of his car. But now he sucks like hell:).Fuck your mother kid. And put your fat dick into Vettel’s mouth if you like him so much. Gay kid. Ferrari for ever the best team and no matter what anyone says about that shit Redbull team.

  5. (cont.) the one the Ferrari´s were having. Alonso struggled so hard to get that 5 or 6 secs gap to Webber before he changed to the soft tyres, whereas Webber clearly took all that gap away very easily. Redbulls sucks?? My God…. shut up!

  6. You´re the freak here, ok? The only correct thing you said is that MAYBE Alonso could have won if he had gone with the same tyre strategy than Massa. However, saying that was far superior than anyone else…. where did you take that from?? Vettel was far ahead of everyone else, until he had that engine issue! In fact, the yellow flag helped alonso get closer to Grosjean and Hamilton. Now in Silverstone, it was clear that the performance the redbull had with the soft tyres was much better than

  7. Redbulls are superiors? Haha what a joke you freak. Ferrari is far better. The only reason why webber could take the first position in the race because alonso was in different tyre strategy , if alonso would go with the same like Massa’s then he would win it idiot. Redbull sucks,just admit it.Remember Valencia?Alonso was far superior than anyone else there.

  8. But no matter what anyone says, Alonso is the best!(He is better than that shit Vettel too).

  9. It’s a shame he did not won the race because of the tyre strategy but if he would start the race just like massa he would easly won the race:(

  10. I got some clips on my channel from the race that I recorded myself sitting at club corner. Please take a look.

  11. People were so impressed with this incredible lap, that even some of them disliked by mistake.

  12. i’m not making fun of Ferrari or Fernando. he did have an amazing especially in the beginning; the start of the race and him battling Lewis

  13. these were not wet conditions, the track was drying out every minute, he used inters, but it was very good and exciting to watch, so as the race, amazing season so far..

  14. Just back from the British GP at they cars sound so different! Alonso showed his skill is this lap! Forza

  15. Alonso has always been a rainmaster, you just have to watch his first laps in Hungaroring 2006. Simply the best.

  16. I’m not really a fan of Ferrari but they have the best looking and sounding cars in my opinion

  17. Sum ppl are full of shit! The ferrari was not slower than the red bull they just had a different strategy to red bull. Mark started on the option, fernando started prime and left himself vulnerable at the end. don’t underestimate any team this season, I wouldn’t bet against sauber getting a win soon either! Nobody’s safe in this game!

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