25 thoughts on “Ferrari F1 clienti on the track !!!”

  1. at 3:00 there are two ferraris parked there. I think one’s an F430 spider. Do you know who’s those are?

  2. Looks like 2004 winning champion cars. They should be in the Ferrari Museum rather then sold although I read Ferrari doesn’t actually release them when they are sold; merely leased on a limited and very heavily supervised track (usage) days like this here. Still, if you can afford it, it’s definitely not something you should pass up on.

  3. This is pure sex !! And nice film work.

    I downloaded this movie to save to my disc.

  4. dude great filming, oh and thanks for letting the engines sound off by not adding stupid techno music to your vid.

  5. I thought you did a good job! I find my track videos to be even more shaky, I need to start using a tripod too!

  6. I can’t thank you enough Alex. I just love that sound! ; )

    – Mina

  7. ugh, stuff like that i dont notice until someone points it out lol. its not that bad

  8. Thanks man. I’m glad you liked the video. Although sometimes I find the filming way too shaky. Got a try on a few things from now on! Maybe use the tripod…
    – ALEX

  9. Yes, definitely earplugs. Sometimes the sound is just too loud for your ear to bear lol. Especially if it’s for a prolonged time! No wonder the Ferrari mechanical guys have all headphones! 😛
    – ALEX

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