23 thoughts on “Ferrari F1 clienti on the track !!!”

  1. Whenever I try to watch a video in 720p or 1080p it always plays two seconds and then stops to buffer or whatever for about a minute. Anyone no what to do??

  2. The engines of these cars are usually detuned to 85% to 90% of their original power to prolong the life of the engine. It’s possible that other performance characteristics are dialed back as well. I wonder if Ferrari has the tires recreated to the exact tire specifications supplied to the Formula One cars in their respective years. Also, a track that appears damp at times in the video and the owners’ not wanting to throw away a $1 million+ car into a wall may help explain a perceived slowness.

  3. OMG this video is sensational!! I am a HUGE Tifoso of The Scuderia! Those that are clienti are SO lucky!!! I’d like to drive the F-2001/Monza. My favorite F1 car.

  4. You also gotta remember, these guy’s don’t have a team behind them to just repair the car for their next race? They’re enthusiast’s that wanna have fun but also take great care of these beautiful machines.

  5. after driving a f1 car on wet track, fly back home on a private jet or helicopter must be boring

  6. De quand date la voiture qui passe a 2:15 ? Les étincelles rappellent les grand prix d’autrefois

  7. That guy in the F2008 at 1:17 didn’t seem to be bothered by the rain!

  8. When I see the rain on the track I wonder: ¿what would Pedro Rodríguez do driving a current F1 in these conditions? ¿what kind of things could he achieve? Great video by the way!

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