25 thoughts on “FERRARI F1 | Engine sound”

  1. That sounds AWESOME! Also, why are some people saying it sounds like “a
    thousand whores gettin assfucked” or like “f1 porn?” BULLSH*T! If you
    thought it sounded like any of those, then you REALLY need to get your ears
    and/or brain checked! Anyways, this is awesome. The Ferrari F1 team is the
    best F1 team in the world. It’s been proven already.

  2. @Xenoni Who cares about Renault… it’s a French piece of crap operated by
    a bunch of drunk Brits.

  3. No earplugs? That is down right stupid. When your hearing starts to
    deminish quickly in 10 years you will be sorry.

  4. @adfadfewfrewafawefaw That’s your opinion. Although supported by poor
    grammar, the famous hackneyed use of all caps, swearing, and not spelling
    “you” correctly, each of those not getting your point across in a civilized
    or intelligent manner, it’s still your opinion. But still… it was already
    proven time and time again by the team itself and fans of all F1 that the
    Ferrari F1 team dominates all. Now then, instead of being a troll, how’s
    about you go outside tomorrow morning? Hm? Sound good?

  5. Back in the mid-1990’s the Ferrari V12 F1 engine was music to my ears. The
    pitch was so high and very distinct. Too bad they banned V12 soon after the
    V10’s came into prominence.

  6. It´s wrong. There are Ferrari, Mercedes, Cosworth, Renault and some other
    engines in F1!!! And the cars never look same!! Just watch more F1, boy

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