25 thoughts on “Ferrari F1 F2012 Test Jerez”

  1. Yeah, true! Although I just read somewhere, turns out that teams are doing this because of some new FIA regulation which doesn’t permit the nose to be above a certain height… They say it’s for safety or something…

  2. Yeah, well, good point about the .01’s, but as far as form follows function, it usually ends up looking really hot. I mean, find an ugly fighter jet, or past F1 car…

  3. I agree that aesthetics are an important part of a car’s design but I don’t think that they are the *most* important oart. A lot of the things you find aesthetically pleasing on F1 cars are actually but mere by-products of the pursuit of optimal aerodynamic efficiency. And what are you talking about dude, F1 has always and will always be about those hundredths of a second. That’s what sets it apart from, say, Nascar…

  4. Yeah, you’re probably right Plamen, but they *should.* Aesthetics are important for racing cars (and the Lotus 79 is rolling over in its grave). It wouldn’t hurt competition either–everyone would follow the new standard, and if it cut a few .01’s off the lap times nobody would ever be able to tell.

  5. Lol, I don’t think they’re going to change it just because it’s ugly.

  6. The drop-nose thing on the modern cars is uglier than ****. F1 should do something about that.

  7. wtf is that thing sticking up on top car? i dont see other teams have it that long..

  8. Seeing the Ferrari exiting their garage and readying to run has some kind of feeling that i cant explain. It some what make’s me smile and excite. FORZA FERRARi!!!

  9. Forza Ferrari, forza Alonso…… quest’anno dobbiamo vincere il mondiale

  10. Se non riusciamo più a vedere lo scalino del podio, almeno vedremo quello sul muso!
    …ma senza non riuscivamo proprio a farla?

  11. With this noise the F1 cars look so ugly, but i’ll still watch the championship

  12. is it my impresion, or the engine sound is pretty closed to the v10’s… my opinion…

  13. car is too long, wing is too high and not wide enough, stupid rules make the front almost unbearable to look at. im so glad theres tons of late 80’s f1 footage on youtube so i dont have to look at these fucking cars anymore. DAMN BERNIE!

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