23 thoughts on “Ferrari F1, Ferrai FXX, and Ferrari 599XX ! Extreme Sounds ! ! ! 2011”

  1. Anyone that’s been to a real track knows this video doesn’t even come close to how loud these cars actually are….

  2. You should keep in mind that the Ferrari FXX was produced from 2005-2007, and that that the Koenigsegg Agera R is produced from 2011-present. The FFX was made to be a track race car, not a road car, so saying that the FXX is a lot “uglier” than the Agera R doesn’t really mean anything. Also, it is not at all “slower in every way” than the Agera R. The FXX has a lap time of 1:10.7 on the Top Gear Test Track. Call me when (if) your Koenigsegg Agera R beats that lap time. 🙂

  3. You can love FXX but never own it. That makes it quite pointless …right?

  4. ferrari is a billion dollar company do you think they are stupid enough to make a pointless car

  5. How about being useful for the evolution of Ferrari’s racing existence?
    I think that is important, making prototypes like these will help Ferrari in all sorts of little ways that DON’T AFFECT YOU. That makes perfect sense
    And don’t give me that smiley face bullsh*t

  6. I actually put Jeremy Clarckston’s voice in what you just said, and it really sounds like something he would say

  7. I would think exactly the other way around, Kochegarova. There are four door Ferraris and those might fit your taste better but true Ferraris are impractical and make no financial sense, they’re for fun; Italian in that very way. So you have the means and you want the experience; your better off going for the top of the line and in a closed course. No street is made for a Ferrari.

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