10 thoughts on “Ferrari F12 Berlinetta – Test Drive (Fernando Alonso + Felipe Massa)”

  1. I bet Fernando’s fastest lap time was 2 tenths of a second faster than Felipe’s.

  2. It was being saved till te geneva motor show where it was unvieled. Pretty stupid in my opinion

  3. driving this car must be like having sex the hottest girl in the world with a bag on her head. Take the cover off!

  4. Really stupid to show covered and hidded car, even this was one of the promotion video. Can imagine how good it might look as painted to Ferrari red.

  5. I’ve compiled all the available specs from Ferrari on here: allcarwiki com/wiki/Ferrari_F12berlinetta, there’s also the released pics and the Ferrari press release, it’s looking like a good car as long as the wet weight is kept down, be interesting to see the final figure

  6. A nice propaganda video from Ferrari. Once the professional reviewers get a chance to drive the car, we’ll get a real gauge of the performance.

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