Final Test Of The Pre-Season Is Up For Williams

The standing of Williams is provided with a hint in 2015 season of Formula 1 with the upgraded package test to be held on Thursday.

A programme of low key has been followed throughout the winter as the team’s closure with Mercedes was in 2014 that was the closest rival considered at a pace which was raw. Today more focus and reliable the team has become with pitstops as well. It depends on the full package of 2015 which will see Williams ramped up performance in the Barcelona test. As stated by Valtteri Bottas.

The latest updates will transform the behaviour and norms of the car and hence it does not matter whether minute details of the balance of car are required. The latest technology and the final step will put all the things together and will also transform the car. Apart from the changes, there is nothing which is wrong with the developments of the car. With adjustable setting everything is going to work smoothly. Rod Nelson, the chief test engineer of Williams stated that a stimulation which is qualifying will be an integral part of the programme of the team at the final test.

More fuels will be run by their team than the rest as stated by the engineer. A programme of quali will be set aside for the car to recuperate after which they will get a clear picture of the car. Yet the level of fuels will vary for each team in their cars. Felipe Massa states that all the signals seem to be green at the moment for Williams. They have a good line and they are going to stay positive throughout. Improvisation to make the car perfect is definitely required. It is better than before and there is no denying the fact.