25 thoughts on “First Time Ever Eye-Level Camera Formula 1 – Lucas di Grassi | Real Driver Point Of View”

  1. This is the 2009 Toyota, you can see the TMG (Toyota Motorsport Group) sticker on top of his steering wheel. Pirelli have now started using the 2010 Renault car as their test car though.

  2. It’s not eye level. Look et the mirrors – you can see wheels and you should see area behind the car. Probably the camera is on the top of the helmet. There is a real eye level cam on YT – find out “Mark Webber helmet cam”.

  3. The camera shot changes at 27 to a CGI. From then on in it’s a CGI that your viewing and not a real car. Really impressive especially the down shifting sound.

  4. The covers are heated, its to get the tyres warmed up before the car goes out on track.

  5. to keep them as warm as possible, its to improve grip when they first use them. otherwise they’d be too cold and they could crash

  6. they do sit down lower the cameras too high, even david coulthard said “it doesn’t really give the feel of how it is to sit in the car it just gives a different view” there eyes are actually level with that little plastic shield you see just behind the steering wheel if you look at the mirrors you’ll see that the camera isn’t at eye level, watch?v=wpLjvkh4hQE that’s how it actually looks

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