25 thoughts on “Formula 1 comes to America! – Red Bull Racing takes first lap in Texas”

  1. Its all made possible because of the overpriced diabetic creating drink.

  2. That’s I was thinking, It’s not the fact i didn’t know he was driving, as that is kind of obvious,It is the fact I didn’t think they still had him/permitted him to drive their cars?? :L

  3. yeah its also not his 2008 car… it looks more like one of the new ones, the 2008 had a shorter rear wing

  4. Just by reading your user name I can tell you bum off your Honda, infact probably more, infact I don’t even want to go there:/

  5. It is forbidden for a F1 car to drive in Nurburgring but it is allowed to drive on dirt and on public roads…

  6. First thing I noticed was the typical helmet of Coulthards. So does Red Bull still permit hime to drive?

  7. Lol mate you really think your stock granny wagon can beat an F1 car. Get real

  8. yes i noticed it and was pleased to see it. i always like coulthard. i just wished they threw up some numbers, especially a laptime on dirt lol.

  9. The video would have been even greater if the F1 car got into an ongoing IndyCar race and thrashed the shit out of them

  10. 200mph in a civic??/ yes i have seen that on a all out drag fwd. all it goes is goes straight and snap a driveshaft.

    240mph is a civic? you are talking about 1300whp at about 900kg. realize an F1 car does have insane power to weight ratio (about 900hp and 800kg) if i remember correctly which is LIMITED however it is the technology inside the F1 is what makes it special and fast.

    anyone can have power, but to be all rounded (handle, brake and accelerate is the tricky part)

  11. This is the very best video related to formula one in general i have ever seen

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