Formula 1 Makes New Rules That Makes It Hard For Young Drivers

As per the new rules to be introduced in 2016, the drivers who want to race in Formula 1 have to be at least 18 years old and also satisfy a point system. The driver has to earn a certain number of points from the races in the junior series over three years in order to have the super license from FIA. They have to cover 300km in an F1 car and also should have a valid driving license.

In the rules are enforced this year, Max Verstappen would be ineligible for the race as he is only 17. From the coming year, the new drivers have to answer the questions relating to sports regulations and have to be a part of at least 80% of two full seasons in the qualifying championships. The 300km they cover have to be at racing speeds in an F1 car only and have to span over two days.

The drivers make their score by competing in junior categories over a period of three years before they get a super license granted by the authorities. The coming FIA F2 championship, European F3, the GP2 series, the United States’ IndyCar single-seater series and  the World Endurance Championship all offer 40 points at least or more than that to be a winner. Whereas the Formula Renault 3.5 world series and the GP3 series offer only 30 points to be a winner.

Max Verstappen came third in last year’s F3 and this means that if this happened next year, he would have failed to score points enough to get a license and was also below the age limit. When he was signed by Toro Rosso, he was only 16. So, he is going to be the youngest driver the sport has ever seen when the season opens in Australia on 15th of March.