13 thoughts on “Formula One Sebastian Vettel impression of Fernando Alonso Drivers press conference 2012 Spainish Grand Prix Sky Sports F1”

  1. at 2:00 it looks like Kimi is rudely awoken from his slumber with the flash, aw

  2. and…. he was asked to give his opinion towards rules and he went for the joke and so did the spaniard afterwards he got personal he wasnt asked to speak for others he was asked to give his opinion about the rules, actually a silly question by the journalist which was clearly seeking the conversation that in the end happened.

  3. Vettel you’re funny but look at Kimi, you should be doing what Kimi is doing, if it doesnt concern you, just put on you “fuck this” face.

  4. I’m not even a Redbull fan least of all Vettel fan but this is sooo funny! Great to see a human side!

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