24 thoughts on “GameSpot Reviews – F1 2012”

  1. It is good but no slipstream (drag effects) … and automatic slowdown is terrible.
    Gameplay is solid, nothing much. rFactor is stil the best, this is still arcade afterall :/
    And you still can’t destroy a car -.-

  2. im a big fan of 2011, but the biggest short coming i felt in that game was the vagueness of the steering while racing online. if anyone feels the same about that or knows the new game is improved in this area don’t hesitate to comment

  3. Everything is good, Bring back race commentary and make where they are not saying the same thing over and over again

  4. this game seems fun but the fact that it comes out each year just reminds me of madden and call of duty, they make tiny changes and charge full price when the changes should just be DLC content. favorite thing about games like Forza, Halo, BF, GTA is that they make maybe 1 game every 2-3years or so.

  5. i usually download games before i buy them. Just to try them. I did the same with this one BUT i played it for 10 minutes and then immediatly bought it. One race and your hooked!!! Buy this game! it’s brilliant!

  6. i really love the game, but its kinds stupid that it comes out each year, cuz whats the use of 3 particularly identical games.

  7. I am not buying the next game installement, known bugs, car can get locked to dry tyres when it is raining giving you no chance off the line, aerodynamics do nothing, penalties are not more forgiving even the slightest tap will be a penalty, lag online is worse than ever, track can be wet when it has not rained, suzuka gives you a drive through penalty when you don’t cross the pit exit line, USA GP gives you a corner cut for taking the racing line… Absolutely pathetic, leave well alone!

  8. 3:30 I hate that. What if you run wide. You lose much precious time. Penalty system is way too harsh too. Still pretty good game. My grade: B.

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