11 thoughts on “Guy Cosmo: 2003 Ferrari Formula 1 / F1 Cliente Guest Drive at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca”

  1. That’s a fair call. I’d be interested to hear how guy (who is obviously quite fit) found it.

  2. An absolutely incredible experience, and a very credible job of driving. This car’s fantastic capabilities are certainly not wasted with your hands on the wheel. Thank you for sharing it with the car-lovers of the world. Bravo!

  3. Guy, you did a stunning job. I personally get frustrated when people (who’ve probably watched a couple of episodes of Top Gear) tell me it would be impossible for any non F1 driver to drive these cars, and that they are “undriveable”. That they are undriveable without tyre temp etc. I’ve always been of the opinion that if the person is reasonably skilled with a bit of track experience under their belt, they will do just fine. You’ve got a bit more then a bit of track experience though 😛

  4. Thanks for sharing this Guy! Your first time in an F1 car and only 10 seconds off from the track record….I’d say you did quite well!

  5. GREAT JOB man ^_^ a reeeeeal teaser lllollol!! Seeing this level of skill & performance on a great American track sort of reminds me of Reubens Barrichelo’s IndyCar testing at Infineon…hmmmm…would like to see how a current-spec indycar handles this horsepower track

  6. I can’t put the link here, but if you visit my website and click on my Blog, I just posted a FULL description of the whole experience – which was AMAZING! GuyCosmo . com / blog

  7. Would love to hear a good article/write up on your experience. Have kept an eye on your career since USF2000 days and know you are a bit more than a weekend warrior.

  8. I thought that might have been Bud’s car. Very cool. Can’t imagine how awesome that must have been.

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