Hall Of Fame For Drag Racing Legends

Butch Leal and Shirley Bridges both residents of Tulare got inducted to Hall of Fame by the magazine of Mopar Guide of Collection. In a ceremony at Pennsylvania on 12th July the two drivers got recognition. The votes were casted by the veterans.

Races which only lasted for few seconds were run by them. Bridges became prominent from 1960s. She became famous after driving various Chevrolets but it was when she wheeled the limited edition of Belvedere Hemi of the Plymouth. In 13 seconds flat she set the speed record for the neighbourhood boys. She also won a national event by the association of Hot Road. When she was not in the competition she was touring, involved with races, sprints and other contests which were sponsored.

Leal had been coined with the name of California flash because of the fast starts he used to give. He also had mastery over the clutch. In the area of Los Angeles he made his reputation by driving Chevrolets. But he had to turn to Fords as the sponsorship of General Motors in 1963 was dropped. In 1964 he was able to clinch a national championship. Leal however had to upgrade to a better HEMI. He even won the second title of the national championship in straight row. In 1991 he retired but his enthusiasm for the sport still burns in him.

Both stalwarts were very excited to receive the honour on 12th July. It was all the more special since both of them were from Tulare. They also got time to renew the bonding, meet old friends so it was also a sort of reunion though Bridges had been earlier inducted into