11 thoughts on “(HD) Ferrari F1 F2003 Racecar !”

  1. That is the most insane power to weight ratio, I can’t imagine how the acceleration would feel. That has also got to be one of the best collections in the whole world, I am so jealous!

    – DT

  2. Schick! (“mach’ ihn Mal an!” 🙂
    Den nehm’ ich dann für’s Wochenende…

  3. ok that is one stunning collection there! ok well I was not entirely sure about it so thanks for the information !

  4. oh dude, how can you say that ?!
    i can drive a F1 Car by myself, but it will cost almost 6000€.

  5. it´s filmed at the “Pantheon Basel” in North Switzerland and it´s a private collection, not a museum or a dealership.
    all these cars are coming from the Ferrari Club Switzerland.

    there are definitly just 8 cars worldwide

  6. I dont know exactly why. But the sound of a F1 car is so ugly;p And the looks are not very cool in my opinion.:)

  7. Nice video! where did you film this by the way? (seems like a showroom or something) and by the way i think there are more then 8 produced? because normally there are more then 8 chassis wrecked during an F1 season…. but im not so sure about it!

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