Jenson Button, World Champion in 2009, believes he can leave the F1 at the moment without harboring any regrets, despite not having had his fill of the sport yet.

Button is not ruling out the possibility of a grid comeback, even though he had treated Sunday’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as the 305th and last start of his 17-season career.

The 36 year old Frome born racer had said during the preview day in a Driver Press conference at Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi,

“I’ve done everything I dreamed of doing. Maybe I could have won more championships, but I won one and not every driver can say that.

“I go into this weekend thinking it is going to be my last race. That is the best way to be at this moment of time.

“But the whole idea about having a contract for 2018 is that in three months’ time, when I have eaten myself stupid and am thinking of things to do in the future, maybe I realise I need F1 back in my life.”

And even though Button has a contract with McLaren in 2018, he would be going into a sabbatical by next year. However, he has said he would be ready to get back into the cockpit when the need arises.

He would be taking up an ambassadorial role next year, while on sabbatical for McLaren and he has plans of competing in other sports, probably sports cars. He might also try to qualify for the World Half Ironman Championships in Tennessee.

The Monaco based driver who made his debut in 2000 with Williams also talked about his best moments so far in his career, and identified getting the job at Williams and driving out on the track at Melbourne as two of his most special moments.