24 thoughts on “Jacques Villeneuve Driving Gilles Villeneuves 1979 Ferrari F1 Car”

  1. KougaNinja91, uh… His father Gilles never won a world title. He did race f1 in 81 and 82 but was killed in Belgium in 82. He won 6 GP but never a championship.

  2. That was cool though.. I really ever wanted to see Jacques drive The Ferrari 126 CK and Ferrari 126 C2.. his father also won the championship in 1981 and 1982 with these 2 cars..

  3. Già ci servirebbe qualche pilota che ha le palle di quegli anni… Ma con le macchine di oggi…

  4. Molto bello il tuo commento in inglese e soprattutto non potevi mancare a commentare questi video del 30 anniversario di quando Gilles diventò Leggenda!

  5. Don’t be stupid. Todt ran the team, not Michael, and Villeneuve wasn’t as good as Barrichello was at the time. Maybe as fast, but not as good.

  6. seeing this car on the track, gives me goosebumps and tears in my eye. Long live Gilles.

  7. what an awesome tribute to Gilles … Jacques was a great driver as well, too bad things didn’t work out for him in F1

  8. Wonderful… It’s only a real pity that we never saw Jacques driving a Ferrari, but this is well known the reason why it didn’t happen… It was Michael Schumacher that denied the permission… And Jean Todt didn’t say anything to his pupil… 😐

  9. cool de te revoir dans un F1 gilles ! une grosse pensée pour ton papa et bel hommage de la scuderia 😉

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