25 thoughts on “Jenson Button = Awesome (Autosport British Driver 2011)”

  1. oh right. i would say right now that vettel/alonso are top 2 (but hard to say which order) then jenson button is very slightly ahead of other drivers including webber, hamilton, raikkonen and schumacher (he isn’t at his best). i would rank jenson above them because of he smooth driving style (which means his tyrewear is much better) and he is joint best in the rain with schumacher.

  2. Well then we totally missunderstood eachother.
    Right now, nobody cant really see who is the top 3, but Alonso, Vettel and Hamilton are doing quiiiiite good.

  3. If you think about best driver all time… Then you are waaay off mate…
    1:Michael Schumacher
    2:Alain Prost
    3:Ayrton Senna

    Jenson Button is awesome, but not even NEAR being the 3’rd best driver.

  4. i love how you haven’t answered the question. and “lists” are irrelevant – he spent most of his career driving a slow car and theres no point looking at their total points for this season until the end of the season. even then, it won’t necessarily tell you the order of the best drivers because legends like schumacher havent finished so many races.

  5. No way man.. go to fucking formula1.com and check the fucking lists man… FUCKING RESEARCH

  6. lol are you serious? how the fuck was i “acting all cool on the internet”, you friggin retard? and no he is about 3rd best in F1.

  7. Right now, he is about the 10’nth best in f1… please research before acting all cool on the internet

  8. it sounds like someone is having a slow wank from 0:01 to 0:24 :L it speeds up then slows to a halt :L someone likes Jenson 😉

  9. Big it up for the BBC!

    ……and Sky sorry.

    No Jenson, you were right first time. Fuck Sky.

  10. i think jenson had been on the juice. or maybe, this is what most f1 drivers are like when they dont have their team breathing down their necks. i wish they could be like this on the race weekend

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