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  1. I would like to see/read this interview myself, as it sounds more like an invention by fans if i’m honest.

    Even so, cream rises to the top. Top drivers adapt to what they are given, Raikkonen is not the most adaptable, but is damn quick when he does have something he likes.

  2. If the car was suited to Massa,then massa would have been fighting for wins not fighting for top 5, again you lose this argument already.

  3. Schumacher admitted in a interview that the developments and the car deviated away from Kimi in 2008, so you lose this argument already buddy

  4. Kimi and Jenson are in my eyes the best two drivers on the grid right now. They don’t make mistakes. When was the last time Kimi retired? When was the last time Button crashed from his own mistakes? Consistency is what makes championships. Thats what you’ve seen here. No other drivers can race like that on the grid now. That’s how it’s done, and thats why i’m thankful for Kimi and Jenson on the grid. I can’t wait for Jenson’s McLaren to speed up. Because there will be more of this.

  5. I think Kimi got tired of all that Ferrari Tifosi shizzle or whatever you want to call it. Of course fanboys tend to think their driver is better than he actually is, just like Alonso or Hamilton fanboys. There’s no difference, fanboys fanboy.

  6. The Ferrari F10 was not built to Alonso’s driving style, it was built to Massa’s too. We all know how those two performed in 2010.
    The ‘answer’ to Kimi’s ‘woes’ in 2008 is that Massa was simply the better driver over the season.
    The best drivers can adapt – the cream always rises to the top. Kimi doesn’t seem to be as adaptable as Alonso or Vettel etc., but he is damn quick when he is on form, and super consistent regardless, which is why he, Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton 1-4 in the standings now.

  7. its because the car was not suited to Kimis driving style it was more suited to massas, Kimi and jenson are smooth drivers while massa and hamilton have an aggressive driving style or if you want a more clear picture just google, Kimi raikkonen 2008 season problems there you will find the answer to kimis woes in 2008

  8. yea, how come alonso got trashed by trulli in 2004?

    how come lewis got trashed by jenson in 2011??

    there’s so many question, not enough answer.

    1 thing for sure, look at their overall career stats, they had proven they could be 3 time wdc if not for various reason.

  9. However when he can’t find the right balance, he still runs at a consistent pace, and still makes few mistakes; but the speed just isn’t there. Also it appears his confidence gets effected by this, as we don’t see him racing as well as we know he can. He’s not an average driver, as average drivers never really win races or score podiums, regardless of what they’re driving; see Heikki Kovalainen, for example. Jenson is a very good driver, but I can’t honestly call him a great.

  10. I personally agree with you, that Räikkönen is a better driver than Button. Although I don’t feel there’s a big gap between them. In my view, the talent gaps between the top drivers are very small, but it’s the small gaps that can make the difference. Jenson is as quick as Alonso, and Hamilton, when he finds the right balance. Add to that he can overtake well, his speed is consistent, and he makes few mistakes. (I’ll continue this in another comment, as I’m out of space here!) >.<

  11. Massa en 2008 été l’un des meilleurs, au même niveau que lui ou que Hamilton. Raikkonen a massacrer Massa en 2012, avec 85pt d’avance pour Kimi. Kimi est bien meilleur que Button, qui a été champion uniquement parce que sa Brawn dominer les autres.

  12. You can tell these guys are 2 of the most experienced guys on the grid just by this overtake. Both gave each other just enough room to avoid contact. Marvelous stuff.

  13. I like Kimi but if he’s as great as fanboys claim, how come he got beaten by Massa in 2008, 6 race wins to 2, and then got fired by Ferrari in 2009? Blinkered or what? Button may not have the speed over one lap that Lewis has, or even Kimi, but there is no better ‘racing’ driver on the grid as this move shows.

  14. Yea I think he is looking at their careers in perspective – Button is barely a 1 time champion while Kimi could have won it 3 times. Also in their most recent season in 2012 Raikkonen finished 3rd in the championship ahead of Button in a slower car.

  15. Button may not be the quickest on the grid but I love how smart he is. Give him a good car and he is capable of doing miracles.
    Im pretty sure that if this were some other younger drivers that there would be very good chance of collision in the first curve of this video.

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