24 thoughts on “Jenson & Lewis meet up with a hero of the past: Ayrton Senna’s legendary MP4-4”

  1. Saw Senna’s MP4/4 at the McLaren dealership in London a few months back. Awesome feeling.

  2. can you imagine sitting there in a f1 car where your hero sat at and won many races? im not going to lie it almost made me get teary (almost) that had to be an awsome feeling man. but i would also wouldnt come into the pits if they let me take it around.sorry my radio was cutting out .

  3. 23 unlikes….man der r haters out der isn’t it? It’s not just great but beautiful…thumbs up…

  4. this was 1 of the greatest videos ive watched u can just see how proud they both are to be in a position to just be able to go and sit in ayrton sennas mp4.4 , amazing

  5. Wow , Jenson and Lewis are two of the luckiest ppl on earth.. Walking in the footsteps of a legend! RIP senna

  6. Senna v Prost, was one of the greatest sporting rivalries of all time. For those not born in that era, it was unbelievable. Today, things are all “commercial” ie, for the money. Back then, it was pure racing and pride. Prost is one of the greatest ever. He deserves all the accolades, but Senna WAS better. Maybe not on a “technical” term, but as far as pure instinctive racing, no-one at the time could match him, or since, particularly in wet conditions. What a champion!! Senna all the way!!!!!

  7. @rvind92g in the future someone might be as good as Senna but right now nobody was or is.

  8. if anyone has seen the Ayrton Senna tribute on top gear, did anyone else cry?

  9. I don’t get it why people diss Hamilton saying that he’ll never be as good as Senna. You guys are acting really selfish. Senna may be the best racer of all time, but who said he can’t be surpassed by someone in the future? Use your head to think for once, not your heart.

  10. I am not a Hamilton fan at all because he seems so full of himself when they interview him at the races. But in this video he seems like an almost likeable person. I wish I would have paid more attention to Ayrton’s races when he was around. Hopefully Button will win the championship again!!!

  11. The truth is….the chemistry between Button and Hamilton is FAR from what it is here.

  12. For now… but we’ll see this year when they have the championship winning car.

  13. I would easily give without hesitation my greatest possessions to spend a day in there.  Glorious

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