18 thoughts on “Johnny Herbert drives the Batmobile – Sky F1 Show 6/7/2012”

  1. I got some clips on my channel from the race that I recorded myself sitting at club corner. Please take a look.

  2. Ah yes, after watching the most recent trailer I see Bane does indeed have two of his own Tumblers.

  3. apparently Bane replicates the Batmobile in the new movie, all will be revealed on July 20th

  4. is it just me that thinks its wrong that they dont refer to the tumbler as the ‘Batmobile’ in the movies?

  5. It’s Banes version. Bane somehow gets two versions in the film with turrets on top. Idk how he gets them though but he uses it to add to his army of arkham inmates.

  6. Yes as far as I know Bane uses his own version of the tumbler or two in fact and Batman takes to the skies in “The Bat”. The movie looks superb.

  7. To both of you. Yes, bane has his own group of tumblers (if that is how you spell it), batman now has his flying version of it after his was destroyed. From the trailers bane has about 2-4 of them. Tan and cream coloured/desert cammo….you see them in the trailer, just look there :p

  8. Mummy I know what I want for Christmas….THAT CAR -ensues evil laugher with a passion- muhahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  9. But the Batmobile is black & never had a cannon on it. In the trailers Batman was driving his black one. So this may well be the bad guys version. Stole it maybe?

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