25 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton And Fernando Alonso Battle | Race | BBC F1 2012 – Round 9: British GP”

  1. I am a huge Alonso fun, but also have much respect for Hamilton. At this moment, Alonso had a big advantage in terms of the tyres.. I want to see more Alonso VS Hamilton rest of this season, and I hope
    Alonso VS Hamilton in title race nevertheless RB8 and Lotus are fucking fast…

  2. I love it when these two come together on track, Im a huge hamilton fan but have a lot of respect for Alonso, i cant fucking stand vettel and button, overrated shit. These two guys are where its at, they can win grand prixs without the best car! and can fuckin overtake!!

  3. @PlanetUbla I highly doubt that youve ever been to an F1 race, because if you had you would have witnessed the immense driving talent and raw speed needed to hustle these monsters around a seriously high speed circuit in the form of Silverstone

  4. Maldonado is like the Ballotelli of football . Hahaha , hope he stays for a long time this Maldonado 😀

  5. F1, after DRS and the biggest joke in history - Button (and his utter fake diffuser based WDC) put me of F1 for life… it is a very shit sport, where any old fucker can win, if the finances are keeping Bernie and scum full…

    Real racing died in f1 years ago… the mechanical grip to aero ratio is just too stupid in F1… they can’t race each other with utter boring devices like DRS…

    What kind of fucker needs DRS to overtake in racing?

  6. Nope, Ferrari is faster on the straight. Mclaren was using more downforce. In the speed trap, Mac was 294kph, ferrari was 299kph.

  7. Great racing spirits from Hamilton, but this shows how Ferrari struggle for top end speed. Even with the DRS the Mac was faster than them.

  8. Not exactly pure racing, because of DRS, but still, great moves by two great drivers.

  9. because at the detection point, alonso was behind lewis and within a second of him. the activation point came after and so alonso was entitled to drs as he was behind hamilton at the detection point. Great racing spirit from hamilton though, he tried to put on a show for the home fans, but i really feel for him and jenson as the car isn’t good enough.

  10. amazing battle, good for lewis that he overtook alonso in the drs zone against alonso´s drs open

  11. And you are right, Maldoasshole would have ended with Hamilton outside the track… such a fucking idiot

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