Lewis On A Summer Break

The win at German GP has provided Lewis Hamilton with a well deserved break. He has started to vacation in Barbados.

With the last races Nico and Lewis have been all over the F1 news. Lewis currently leads by 19 points over his team mate Nico Rosberg. Lewis explains that even when he takes a break for the summer he likes to stay busy. He states that it is the best way to keep his eyes on the goals of winning titles and to maintain focus.

Lewis Hamilton is the world champion currently and title leader in the current year. He is now headed to spend his summer in Barbados after he obtained victory at the German GP last weekend. Most drivers are off to their well deserved break now for about three weeks. The next upcoming event is a Belgian GP which would be held at the Spa. The trend has started from 2009 when teams shut down operations for about a fortnight during the month of August.

This is mainly done for saving costs. The break that comes in the races is considered invaluable as well as the calendar for races in a year has been expanded to include 21 of them. Last summer he had vacationed in North America and the Caribbeans, which he had stated was the best break he has had for long. This downtime is being considered good for the racers. It helps them to strike a balance for their family and personal life apart from the time they spend on traveling as well as training for the races.

Fans can find tweets of Lewis as he recently attended the Crop over festival that was held in Barbados. He states that he likes to stay busy even when he is on a break as it helps him to maintain focus.