25 thoughts on “Lotus F1 Team, Kimi Raikkonen running – Valencia, 23-01-12”

  1. yeh how the hell can a person hate kimi! Im a finn and I’m proud of it! AND THATS BECAUSE OF KIMI!!

  2. Lotus looks very strong, race pace is better than mercedes and ferrari, he will definalety score a podium at least this season

  3. Lol at all the haters. Ruining the joy of true racing by whining whining whining. Sucks to be you. *eats ice cream and doesn’t give a shit*

  4. and although kimi was at the last 2 races 17 points behind hamilton( in this time you won 10 points for a win) and won the championship. it shows that kimi is the best. in addition if hamilton made such mistakes in the last 2 race , it shows us how bad he was . kimi deserved the title 2007 . and also 2005 but his car had half of a season problems….

  5. the most part of the season 2007 the mclaren was the fastest car in f1 .therefore hamilton has collected many points. kimi has 2007 problems with his car .in spain he has a problem and in the european gp (nurburgring circuit) also and he couldn’t finish the races although he didn’t make mistakes in this races. in hungary 2007 kimi was faster than hamilton but hamilton held kimi up for maybe half of the race.so kimi was better. and besides kimi won 2007 6 races (hamilton 4 races only)

  6. : Mc Laren and Ferrari “fired” him. Inform yourself better. Ferrari were the best, sorted him out during a contract…..

  7. @KenanZidane: The ONLY reason Kimi won the championship in 2007, was a stupid mistake by L.Hamilton in the last race. Not more and not less. Result 110/109 points. He got this title by present !!!! L.Hamilton sorted himself out, took himself out of the race !!! Otherwise he had become worldchampion in the year 2007. Inform yourself better…

  8. You have idea from F-1, or ??? Good joking. Legend ??? Fangio, MS, Senna, Prost these guys are legends !!! Nobody missed him in the F-1 and nobody will know his name in some years. Not even now everbody knows him ;-)))

  9. He is not talented at all. Ralley was a zero number too. Now he is back in the F-1-circuit. Pffff. Lotus, wow. He is a newbie in this team, his teammate also. Australian GP: Teammate is standing on 3, he is standing on 18. Ohhhhh…..LOL
    Every practise the F-1 rookie was better. Ohhhh….LOL

  10. This drunken fulltime idiot earned his only one F-1-champ-title from Hamilton in 2007. Present in the last race, because Hamilton made a stupid mistake. One point at the end between them.
    Mc Laren sorted him out, Ferrari sorted him out !!! Why, the answer is not so difficult or ?!?

  11. Ok we’ve got Raikkonen back, now we only need montoya back on the grid to make it complete.. Dont get me wrong i know he’s a moron but F1 needs people like montoya

  12. Rubens is not Kimi so it will be foolish to assume that kimi would end up just like him.the two are dfferent.Kimi is an extra-ordinary driver -chris dyer,even david coulthard said “I did an event with him earlier this year at the Red Bull Ring and he was just jumping on everything – whether it was motocross bikes or the different cars that were there, he just has a great feeling for pushing the limits. So I’ve got no doubt at all that he will be on the pace.”and Wins to sum it up.

  13. and Rubens Barrichello topped last years Jerez season testing ….in the Williams, and guess who was behind him? Schumacher in the Mercedes, and for shits and giggles…..Vettle, was ranked 14th. In my opinion the best you should hope for is a podium and even that will be a stretch, look I don’t like it as much as you (Iceman FTW!!) but it sucks the level of competition in these last few seasons. hopefully 2014 new engines will shake things up…hopefully

  14. Your making a very big mistake,Kimi is differrent he can adapt almost to any motorsport.he tried nascar and wrc.guess what lotus topped the time sheets during winter testing.GO KIMI!

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