25 thoughts on “Megafactories – Williams Formula 1 – HD”

  1. 9:13 Say his name for christ’s sake!! It’s Roland Ratzenberger. Shame on
    the producer of this show. “Another young driver”….

  2. #F1 #Williams #MegaFactories
    Episode from the tv series Mega Factories which looks at how the Williams
    F1 car is made.

  3. His name is Tony Hirst. He’s probably best known, in the UK at least, as
    the narrator of ‘How It’s Made’.

  4. not a driver, there have been a few course workers killed since 1994, the
    last being earlier this year, at Canada I think.

  5. The name of the other “young driver” is Roland Ratzenberger!!! That comment
    wasn`t fine.

  6. I don’t know how they got it so wrong this year. I think they need to ditch
    that middle recessed rear wing. No one else is running it successfully if
    at all.

  7. So by F1 technology expansion (to further income) were they referring to
    the kers system for the Audi r18?

  8. at 3:00 I thought “why the fuck is Meatloaf in this video?”. then I
    realized it is Patrick head

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