24 thoughts on “MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS – F1 W03 – 21.02.2012”

  1. Why change the name to Mercedes AMG? “Mercedes” F1 engines are built in Brixworth, England.

  2. I’m not onboard the Schumacher love train personally. For sure he is a true legend of F1, and deservedly so, but his time is in the past. I want to see some more new blood in the sport, finding success.

  3. its for quick referrence of the corners whilst theyre on radio chat. minimal time wasting in other words

  4. Just so they know which was to turn. You know incase they get lost. 🙂

  5. why do f1 cars have a layout of the track? its just one thing ive never understood cos if the engineer said yellow at turn 16 then the driver should know where that is and to slow down if they need to so i just cant understand anyone git ideas?

  6. Looks like they are sir, Schumi just qualified 4th! Ahead of both redbulls, and ferrari didnt even make it to Q3! he very nearly got 3rd but a lotus got in there by 3 hundredths of a second…

  7. well this year Petrov is driving in the back of the field, so no more clashes between him and Schumi :-), and both TorroRosso driver have been replaced, just kidding, RedBull and McLaren will probably fight for the title again, but since Ferrari have complained alot on the tyres the third spot is open for Mercedes and Renault for some good podiums, Kimi and Schumi fighting for the title that would be awesome.

  8. I really hope Schumacher does well in 2012! Of course he isn’t as passionate as he probably used to be, since he allready achieved more than anyone else, but still would be great if he at least won a race.

  9. Один черт,все равно в конце пелетона будут

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