25 thoughts on “Mercedes F1 W05 close up + TRACK FOOTAGE with Nico Rosberg”

  1. We had a good look at the Mercedes F1 W05 and were able to watch Nico
    Rosberg test the new Hybrid 2014 Formula One car! Check it out! 

  2. w05 is a beautiful design just shows it is possible to turn something
    gorgeous out of these regulations………..and the turbo snarl fucking
    love it :)

  3. The sound to me is different but there is a certain jet like nature and
    growl at lower rpm’s. I love it!

  4. sounds like he’s short shifting massively. crappy engine sound. car looks

  5. Thanks Mercedes for making a car that doesn’t look as bad as the other

  6. Love how everyone said how much they hated the V8 engine, and then when
    they hear the V6 they wanted the V8 back again and that they ‘missed’ it.

  7. Proof that the 2014 regulations don’t actually force you to bolt genitals
    to the front of the car. This and the Ferrari are the only non-vomit
    inducing cars this season

  8. I was raised with pure and brutal F1 engine sounds…..so disappointed..

  9. The music is good, there’s no point in discussing the engine noise yet,
    since it’s not even being revved to 15k, all we are seeing now are slow
    test runs. I don’t even think we’ll see/hear the full potential o the car
    in Australia, it’s too new to risk it. That being said, this is the best
    looking car on the grid, i love the little camera wings on the middle of
    the nose.

  10. I would never call that nose ‘pretty’, but at least they found a way to not
    have a phallus on the nose. Also, after hearing the turbo six, I really
    miss the psychopathic shriek of the 19,000+ RPM V-10s. The competition is
    better, but the engineering has been pushed back from the edge and I think
    the sport is poorer for it.

  11. Not engine failer its a gonna a transmission problem get a better or you
    guys just built a piece crab……

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