8 thoughts on “Michael Lewis Ferrari F1 Onboard”

  1. Hell yes! A american in a ferrari f1! now he can show them what an american can truly do behind the wheel.

  2. That’s awesome – and as evident in the film; the say that the braking is most underrated ability of the F1 car for most new drivers.

  3. Ferrari and USA = what a great combination !……Greetings from a Ferrari fan from Perú !

  4. I read on Autosport that Prema finalised their roster for the season and you were on it. Have you talked to Charlie Kimball? He raced for them back in 2008 and might help you out on a few things. Keep your nose clean and step on that podium!

  5. bummer about the, edit to bug on camera before the car even warms up. still it was real cool.

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