24 thoughts on “Monza 2011 Race | Fernando Alonso Onboard [HD]”

  1. best looking car best driver but car not quick enough for sure he takes parabolica the best so close to the white line and sometimes even on the line watch 2010 pole lap parabolica

  2. that 400 kph was without front and rear wings if I remember correctly. How does it matter if V8 goes about 20-30 kph less than V10? I think you can’t notice that in such high speeds, only sounds are poorer without V10.

  3. Lol, V16 twin turbo? The best engines were probably the V10s. They were powerful and efficient unlike the V12s.

  4. Isn’t F1 the quickest car sport? So why does a road car go faster… Why does the FÍA keed on slowing the cars instead of putting them faste? If the drivers don’t want to go quicker they only need to stop accelerating… V16 double twin turbo plis and not v8, i want to see them reach 400 like the Honda did with the V10 at the airport lane!

  5. about 10 km/h down in similar conditions, with 150 kg extra fuel it is no doubt he gets to only 336.

  6. 2004, Barrichello, Ferrari F2004, no DRS ==> 365 km/h

    /watch?v=6l_uhy8NEWc this was a good car !

  7. they finished equal on points which was a fair reflection on how they matched up that year. I don’t believe Hamilton outright outdrove Alonso, there were times when Hamilton was faster, and times when Alonso was faster. I think they were even in 2007.
    Overall I think Alonso is the better driver, I think he is the total package. Hamilton is almost there though.

  8. lol yeah all of ferrari’s aerodynamic problems with the exhaust and what not are all alonso fault. Vettel and schumacher on the other hand are the best aerodynamisists on the grid 😉 Engineer’s are responsible for 95% of performance not drivers jackass.

  9. Yeah, that’s why got beaten fair and square by a rookie in his first season in F1 driving the same car.

    A rookie.

    At least Prost got beaten by Senna who had 4 seasons behind him in Toleman and Lotus before becoming Prost’s team mate in McLaren.

    Alain Prost bitched too when Senna beat him.

  10. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

    Classical excuse.

    Btw, if he is such a great driver shouldn’t he develop the car to be better over the seasons rather than worse every season??

    A certain Michael Schumacher transformed Ferrari from a joke in 1995, to consistent winners around 1997-1998 to dominance in 2000-2004.

    And if the Ferrari is so bad why does he stay in the team?? Red Bull wanted to sign him in 2008, but he couldn’t see which way the wind was blowing and was stuck driving Renault for two seasons.

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