Moratti and Irvine Convicted

Gabriele Moratti was found guilty by the judge of “mutual injury” during the infamous incident in the VIP section of Hollywood nightclub. The son of the former Milan mayor said that he was accused of being more aggressive and according to the reports it seems that he used a glass in the argument and quarrel that followed.

Along with him the Northern Irishman was also convicted because he was also involved in the brawl. Due to this both the accused has been sentenced to prison for a period of six months. However both of them can appeal their respective sentences and if the confirmation is done then the sentence can be suspended as well. It is a big question as to whether Moratti the retired Formula One driver will have to spend his six months in prison or not. The lawyers on the other hand are not agreeing to the fact about the reason of the fight. They are of the opinion that the fight took place because the Irishman had been seen to get in touch with the ex girlfriend of Moratti and that may have been the reason for the whole fight.

Vincenzo Saponara the lawyer of Moratti said that the media is making a big deal out of this and it can be sorted out very easily. He also added that it is very easy for newspapers to make things up and say that the fight took place because of the jealousy over a girl. Irvine who has already retired from F1 in the year 2003 has been part of Ferrari, Jaguar and Jordan while Moratti who is 35 years old is the director of Saras an energy company. He is known to possess a house that was inspired from the house of Batman which the reporters call “Bathouse”.