13 thoughts on “On Board with Lotus F1 Team at the 2012 Goodwood Festival of Speed”

  1. what’s with the stop and go multiple times? I thought he was getting heat into the tyres and then the video ended lol.

  2. back then goodwood allowed official timed runs of F1 cars (in fact the fastest was an unofficially timed run of “under 40 seconds” by heikki kovalienen in a renault r25, nowadays there is no official timed runs for F1 cars for safety reasons now they show up to show the mahines to the public rather than go for out and out fastest times.

  3. oh well, i would not have balls to drive any faster than this, especially this close to the walls

  4. Great video.
    but he could have drived a little faster to hear better the engine:)

  5. great to see this video, @lrgptv. I watch all your videos, even the boring ones with overly-enthusiastic Grosjean, who must do media work both for himself and Kimi it seems. Please keep posting as many technical features and in-car footage as you can! The interviews are not always so compelling, but the footage from within the car or relating to its tech/development = fascinating. Bravo!

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